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Executive Council

Name: Mr. Anup Sharma
Designation: Vice Principal,
Executive Council : Vice Chairman
Contact No : 03595-276666, 276555
Mobile No : +91 9563212020


Formation of Execitive Council

As per Article 6 of the Constitution of CCCT, th Executive Council (EC) has been formed as under with effect from 25.11.2010

Ref.No. CCCT/ADM/2010/00/14


1 Chairman Mr.Praveen Kumar Pradhan Principal Incharge 9434755080
2 Vice Chairman Mr.Anup sarmah Academic in charge 9563212020
3 Member Secretary Mr.Anup sarmah Academic Incharge 9563212020
4 Member Secretary Mr.Khus Narayan Chettri Manager(Adm) 9775991963
5 Member Mr. Kaziman Pradhn Finance Manager 9734031968
6 Member Mr.Suren Kumar Chettri Hostel Warden(Boys) 8145889953
7 Member Ms.Renuka Pradhan Assistant Hostel Warden(Girls) 9735087380
8 Member Mr. Uday Rai Welfare Officer

Functions of Executive Council:

     1. The Executive Councilshall as whole or through its individual members assist the Principal
in the excercise of such authority and take such decisions as may be appropriate for the
purpose of carrying out the objectives of the Constitutioin of the institute.
2. In the event of authorised absence of the Principal, the Board of Management shall appoint
a Vice-Principal from amongst th members of the Executive Council for a period not longer
than the unexpired term of the Principal . The VIce-Principal shal perform all the powers
and functions of the Principal relating to CCCT for that period . The board of management
shall recommend for fresh appointment of the Principal for approval of the government .
3. The Executive Council shall formulate the manner in which they would conduct their
business , elect heads of sub committes , the functions, duties and authority of the heads
of the sub committees.
4. The Executive Council shall conduct its meeting once in three month and submit report to the
Board of Management.

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