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The library contains over 10808 books ,computer based tutorials,monthly magazines and local as well as national newspapers.There are 802 numbers of learning CDs in all subjects and 24 hours facality. The institute has a library not only in the college but also in the hostel so that the students are in comfort for achieving the books. The library is well stocked with books. The books of every department are well updated and we even get a latest version. To keep ourselves busy novels are also provided.


Item Count
Total no of Volumes 10808
Total No. of titles 5128
Total No of Reference Books 445
Mini and Major project reports 285
Ratio of books per students 22.55


Item Count
Tot.a No of Journals + Magazines 25
Total no of Newspapers (2 locals) 14
Book CDs/DVDs 802
Magazine Books CDs 714

Under DTE [ HRDD ],Govt. of SikkimApproved by AICTEA Digital India Initiative