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Rules & Regulations for Trainees

The administrative rules and regulation (ARR) shall be applicable to all trainees as soon as they are admitted to the institution , to any course, till he/she graduates and completes the training including on-the-job training at the specified industry as part of the training. A joint undertaking of the trainees and his parent/guardian as given in the format has to be executed as soon as the trainee joins to CCCT. The medium of instruction and examination shall be in English.

The trainees in case of majors with surety or their parents in case of minors will have to enter into a bond stating that in case they are relinquishing their seat for whatever reasons at any period of their training they shall pay back the training cost as prescribed in the bond executed at the time of joining the centre.

General Rules

Code of Conduct

  • Trainees shall wear clean and proper uniform with identity card as well as suitable footwear as prescribed.
  • Trainees shall maintain their trade files, records, diaries, measuring instruments, tools, tokens, etc. as specified by the authorities from time to time.
  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, playing cards and chewing of pan, areca nut, gum etc., is not allowed inside the training centre and hostel.
  • Trainees shall at all times make sincere efforts to avoid unwanted waste of time and materials.
  • Trainees will adhere to safety precautions and recommended method of operations on machines, bench work etc. Trainees are however covered by insurance for accident risks. But safety rules will have to be strictly followed.
  • Trainees shall not indulge in any act of violence directly or indirectly. They shall not incite any others to do so towards any one.
  • Trainees shall not participate in any political agitation or activity. Also mass representation or signature campaign for seeking favors or defying lawful orders is prohibited.
  • The trainees shall not act in any way, which could be constructed as an intended defraud against the centre or co-trainees or staff.
  • Parents/Guardians cannot contact the trainees in person/over phone/through messenger during class hours and study hours. In case of emergency, message can be communicated to the Hostel Warden/Head of the Institution.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden in the campus.

Academic Discipline

  • Trainees are to be punctual as per the Training Centre timings indicated by respective units.
  • Absence without permission is a serious breach of discipline.
  • Habitual late coming, willful absenteeism, or bad behavior shall result in termination of trainee from the course.
  • The trainees shall maintain minimum attendance of 90% Refer rule under Para 7 for condonation.
  • During the first three months all newly admitted trainees will be on observation. If the Trainee is found extremely weak in theory and/ or practical his training is liable to be terminated.

Vacations and Holidays

  • The training centre will be closed for 30/28 days in an academic year inclusive of National and Festival holidays, but exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays. Day & date of closure either for vacation or holiday will be decided by the respective training centre.
  • No trainee can absent himself without valid reason or permission prior to or after the holiday and / or vacation.

Leave Under Extra Ordinary Circumstances

  • Trainees are expected to have full attendance and there is no stipulated leave facility. However, under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Head of the Training Centre, leave of absence will be granted for deaths in family, marriages, change of residence etc. Special leave of absence under this category should not exceed beyond 10 days in an academic year in case it is not availed of. This leave cannot be claimed as a right and will be granted entirely at the discretion of the Unit Head.
  • Trainee who is unable to attend classes due to illness not due to work injuries may avail leave of absence up to a maximum of 15 days in a year. Leave of absence for illness should be certified by a Medical Practitioner approved or authorized by the Institute. However, leave of absence cannot exceed the above days except under special circumstances and the trainee will be discharged for absence beyond the day stipulated above.This leave cannot be carried forward to the next academic year in case it is not availed of.

Coadunation of Attendance /Warning / Suspension / Termination

  • If the trainee has in his credit any extra hours on work as per his time book then the condonation may be done out of these hours.
  • If the trainee does not have any extra hours in his credit then he/she will have to compensate the hours of condonation during the subsequent semester within the first sixty days of working.
  • Rules for condoning the attendance shortage is also applicable to the semester test of the year. For annual examination the attendance of the whole year has to be considered.
  • Disorder behavior at the working place, class room or hostel or any place within the training centre and outside.

Hostel Rules

  • Admission to the Hostel is compulsory for all trainees except in cases where he is permitted to be a day scholar by the Head of the Institute. The Management reserves the right of admission, as well as the right to direct any inmates to leave the Hostel with or without assigning reasons.
  • Each boarder is supplied with the necessary furniture. He is expected to bring along with him his own bedding. No room renbt and caution deposit is charged. But, and establishment charge of Rs. 250 (or decided by Management) per month is charged from each trainee. After a trainee is admitted in the hostel, he is allotted accommodation by the Hostel Warden. No change of accommodation is allowed without Wardenís permission. The Warden will display a list approved by the Head of the Institute showing the Room Number allotted to the trainees.
  • The food is provided by the cooperative mess run by the students residing in the Hostel. A mess committee is formed amongst the students,representing first, second and third year. The mess provides vegetarian as well as non vegetarian meal.
  • Guest can only be allowed to the mess/hostel with the permission of the Hostel Warden. The person who introduces the guest will be charged for the meals supplied at the fixed rates. No relatives/friends or outsider/visitor will be permitted inside the hostel rooms without the permission of the warden. Guests are not allowed to stay overnights in the Hostel.
  • Permission to stay beyond 19.00 h on working day and for extension on the reporting back time prior to a working day, is to be granted by the head of the institute. Application addressed to the head of the institute for such permission will have to be forwarded through the hostel warden sufficiently early. Each hostelite must give a separate application. Joint application will not be entertained. If permission is granted, the trainee on return to the hostel will report to the hostel warden and sign on the register provided for the purpose indicating the time of arrival.

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